I have only a handful of public projects and tangents that might be interesting; but, hopefully, that will change in the future as I try to get more active in that arena (when work isn't keeping me busy).


ngReflux is a Flux implementation for use with AngularJS based on the popular Reflux library by Mikael Brassman. It provides a single service, ngReflux, which allows Angular Directives/Controllers to use Stores and Actions; and create those Stores/Actions as Angular services.

ng-reflux (github)
ng-reflux (npm)

FlightJS Handlebars Mixin

I have worked extensively with Twitter's FlightJS architecture and this is one of the more useful mixins I've thrown together. It's basically a mixin for Flight components that gives them the ability to render handlebars templates and partials in a useful way.

flight-handlebars-view (github)
flight-handlebars-view (bower)
flight-handlebars-view (npm)


Based on a number of different alternatives I've come across, this basically gives you a way to clamp or cut off text and provide an ellipsis or 'read more' link. As well as simply just expand the clamped text/content.

[Clamp.js] (https://github.com/datchley/Clamp.js) (github)

JQuery Utils

Sort of a personal jQuery utility library I put together to handle various things I've come across in developing with JQuery. You might find it useful, you might not. YMMV...

JQuery Utils (github)


This is a small, handlebars-like template library that allows for templates as strings or stored in <script> tags. I've used this in a handful of projects that just needed some simple templating on the client side.

JQuery Utils (github gist)

DOM Utils

Some straight forward DOM utility functions, for those times I didn't have JQuery or wanted to just handle some things straight in the DOM.

DOM Utils (github gist)